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Company History

Radio Visions was formed in 1994 by Walt Gradzki, former president of Marionics Inc.

Marionics Inc . provided engineering design, construction and support to its customers from 1978 to 1994. In our early years, we specialized in small TV studios and radio station work. As we matured and our list of clients grew, we expanded into other electronic areas .

Marionics Inc
. served a wide range of users. Our work included radio, television, cable television, satellite systems, audio systems and special research & development projects.

In 1994, we took a long look at the company and its future. The time was right to reorganize and change our name.  Marionics Inc. became Radio Visions , a company with visions toward the future.

About our founder...

Walt Gradzki is a Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer, licensed master electrician in NJ, NH & VT, and holds a degree in broadcast engineering.

He is the former general manager and chief engineer of WWFM - The Classical Network, a 17 station CPB member public classical radio network.   In addition, he was the manager of telecommunications engineering and television chief engineer at Mercer County Community College.

Mr. Gradzki holds FCC licenses for commercial and amateur radio. He is a senior member of the SBE and a member of the IEEE. His qualifications are a matter of record with the Federal Communications Commision.